Overview of Office 2013's 6 versions

Office365_Feb12_BThere is little doubt as to the most popular office production suite. Microsoft Office has been the program of choice for almost two decades and shows no sign of giving this status up in the near future. In late January Microsoft officially released Office 2013, and as usual released numerous versions aimed at meeting the needs of different users.

Tailor your Google Doc print options

GoogleApps_Feb12_BOne of the most popular features of the office suite is the ability to print documents. This is an essential requirement for all businesses that many take for granted. When you switch from a physical system to one hosted in the cloud, it can be a little challenging to set up your documents to fit your printing needs.

Google drops export of older Office files

Before the increasingly heavy adoption of cloud based office apps like Google Drive, many businesses had issues with the different versions of Microsoft Office. Users of older Office versions had trouble reading documents created on newer versions. When Google Docs, later renamed Drive, was introduced users could export documents in older Office formats.

5 SharePoint benefits for businesses

It’s highly likely that the most popular software program is Microsoft Office. With numerous variations to the Office platform, including Office 365 – the largely cloud based version of Office – it’s easy to see why. A common complaint of Office users is that it can be tough to share documents and collaborate with other employees.

Chrome Beta intrigues with release

Probably the most useful tool on the modern computer is the Web browser. It’s our window to the online world and the main way many of us access modern communication. One of the popular browsers is Google’s Chrome. Many users have what’s called the Stable release (it’s the version that Google has said is largely finished). When Google wants to introduce new features, they release a new version of Chrome for Beta testing by users.

What Google's antitrust decision means

Google is one of those tech companies that always seems to be in the news. For the last quarter of 2012 the news was almost all about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigating Google for suspected antitrust activities. The case looked at many issues, the largest being whether Google tampered with search results so that their services featured higher than competitors.

Configure Office 365 to send you texts

Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft’s largely cloud based version of Office – is a popular Office product for many reasons. One advantage is the sheer number of features across the suite which allow you to do almost anything. There are some lesser-known features which are just as useful too, one of which integrates your mobile phone into an Outlook notification center.